Becoming a Confident Zoom User

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Zoom Basics for participating in this session

  • Quit completely any Apps you don’t need running (stop your video if problems)
  • Make sure your name shows up (first and last) - we recommend you add your pronouns after your name if you’d like.
    • First click on Participants button to find yourself; you’ll see your name listed there
    • To change your name, hover your cursor over the name button and enter first and last (consider including pronouns)
    • The Participants area is also where you can "raise your hand" and provide feedback to the hosts with the click of a button

Audio muted

  • Hosts have the ability to Mute participants but participants can unmute themselves.
  • How to turn your video off - This is just you muting your feed of the conference, it does not affect others


  • keep in mind private chats are recorded.
  • Use Zoom chat for your questions emergent webinar session questions
  • If you have technical questions, please submit a help ticket at help.e.e

Different kinds of Zoom views/windows

  • Setup your windows for the webinar - not full screen
  • Open participants and Chat
  • Windows - CMD- Tab to move between apps

Your Physical setup

In an Ideal situation you would have chosen this...

  • Sit where you are most comfortable
  • Be able to move around
  • A quiet space for you to hear

In our current reality, our work environment has changed and not by choice...

  • Check your internet connection and wifi. Plugin to ethernet whenever possible.
  • Make sure your device is charged/identify where the closest plug is
  • Use headphones or earbuds
  • Try to be indoors, if outdoors be aware of proximity to neighbors because of FERPA
  • Have paper and pen available for writing
  • Don’t judge or make assumptions, support and be patient 😊

Ways to Zoom

  • Devices:
    • Computer, tablet, smartphone
    • Phone into a meeting if you can’t get
  • Ways to access:
    • - meeting and profile preferences
    • Zoom App
  • Zoom preferences
    • Profile pic
    • Virtual background
  • What is a webinar and what is the difference?

Zoom Basics for Hosts

Zoom Account

  • Go to sign-in with account
  • Pro license (default is a Basic) check with your supervisor, supervisors can request via

Hosting a Meeting

  • Schedule a new meeting
  • Best practices for inviting participants

Zoom Security for Hosts

See: Zoom Security - Best Practices for Scheduling Meetings

Screen Sharing basics

Breakout rooms

  • Random vs. assigned groups
  • Host and assigning breakout assignments

Zoom Homework Activity - You are the host

In Breakout Rooms plan with your group how you will complete this activity:

Homework activity

  1. Go to and Sign In
  2. Schedule a meeting
  3. Share the Join URL with your group, this could be via:
    • Outlook calendar invite with Join URL as the location
    • Shared Office 365 document that all group members can edit
    • Email
  4. Host practice
    • Muting a participant
    • Creating breakout rooms
  5. Rinse and repeat until everyone has a chance to host a meeting