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Getting Started

Change your display name

You can control how your name appears next to your writings. Remember, these sites will be public so use a name you feel comfortable with being in the public sphere, such as first name and last initial.

  • To change your display name, click on Howdy, [your display name] in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Edit My Profile
  • Enter desired display name in the Nickname (required) field.
  • Select and set desired display name using the Display name publicly as drop-down box. Note: this will change all references in your site, even for posts that were already published.

Upload Audio and Image Files to the Media Library

  • For Audio Files: use MP3 format
  • For File Names: include at least part of your name or group name and descriptive information in the file name to make management easier for the Program Assistant

  1. Make sure you're logged into the site (scroll down page to login link in lower right corner)
  2. Go to the Dashboard: can hover over name of site in bar at top (at upper left) and click Dashboard
  3. Click on Media
  4. Click on Add New
  5. At the Upload New Media page, you can drag-and-drop files into the Drop files here field, or click on the Select Files button to browse to files on your computer

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Need More Help?

Still have questions or problems with WordPress, send Academic Computing a message or call the Computer Center at 360-867-6227.