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COM 118 is the advanced multi-track recording studio located in the Communications Building. Historically the "16 Track Studio," COM 118 is now a hybrid studio capable of recording up to 32 simultaneous analog inputsvia a pair of Universal Audio Apollo X16 Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces connected to a Mac Studio. The control room has Genelec 1037b mid-field monitors, as well as Genelec 8050, Adam A7X, and Yamaha NS-10 near-field monitors. All stereo monitors are fed by the 5088's monitor controller; an SPL 2489 surround controller is available for 5.1 mixing. The live room, COM 119, has plenty of mic receptacles, four independent headphone cues, and an iso booth; tie lines are also available to COM 117, a music rehearsal classroom on the other side of the control room.

The studio is reserved for students enrolled in Advanced Studio Music and Production.