Changing Theme Effects

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Theme Effects are a set of visual attributes that are applied to elements in a slideshow, and can be used to tune and customize a preset theme to suit your individual presentation needs.

You can set a new theme effect by accessing the "Theme" segment under the "Design" tab and selecting the "Effects" dropdown menu. This will display a selection of options which you can apply to your slide to tweak it in a number of ways.

Each theme option displays a graphic which implies the nature of that effect's use; for example, the effect "Verse" displays a graphic with shadowed text and objects, indicating that this theme will apply a "shadowing" effect to all elements within the slide, such as text, clip art, and drawn images. Many other options are available, and more can be downloaded for free through the Microsoft Office webpage.

When to Use This:

  • When you need to alter the preset options of an existing theme.
  • To quickly apply an effect to all elements within a slide, instead of applying them one by one.

Additional Help:

  • A source of additional preset templates and effects for the entire Microsoft Office Suite, including Powerpoint: Click Here!
  • Contact Academic Computing for additional help.