Creating a New Project - Premiere Pro

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  • When first opening Premiere select New Project from the splash screen.
  • If Premiere is already open go to File > New > Project.

New Project Settings


  • Video Display Format: Timecode
  • Audio Display Format: Milliseconds
  • Capture: This setting is only applies if you are capturing from DV or HDV tape. When using file based video this can be ignored.

Scratch Disks

All four settings can be set to Same as Project.


  1. Click the Browse button.
  2. Select the Storage on the left of the new window.
  3. Click New Folder in the button left on the window.
  4. Give the folder a meaningful name and click Create.
  5. Click Choose.
  6. Name the project in the bottom of the New Project window.
  7. Click OK

New Sequence Settings

It is easier to import your files into Premiere before creating a new sequence.

  1. In the New Sequence dialog click cancel.
  2. Import your video files into the project.
  3. Pick a file which represents the majority of your files (in terms of dimensions, frame rate, compression etc).
  4. Select that file in the Project panel. Right click and select New Sequence From Clip.
  5. A new Sequence will be added to the Project panel and it will open int the Timeline panel.
  6. Change the sequence name to something meaningful by clicking on the sequence name in the Project panel.