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Evergreen faculty may chose from a wide variety of online tools for use in-and-out of the classroom. The following are a few options specifically supported by our campus.

Faculty can self-select which option they would like to use through Academic Technologies. (Sites are no longer automatically created.)


Canvas sites are available to all academic offerings.

  • Students are enrolled into your Canvas site as soon as they register.
  • The site only becomes available to students after faculty have published it.


Our campus offers two different instances of WordPress:

  • (formerly can be self-created by anyone with an Evergreen login
  • are available by request (formerly

  • Available to all academic offerings, faculty, students, and staff.
  • Can be self-created.
  • The general visibility for these sites can be set to public or private.
  • Please notify Academic Computing if you self-create a WordPress site for your academic offering so we can link it to the academic catalog and make it easy for people to find.
  • See the WordPress Tutorial to get started.

  • Available to all academic offerings.
  • Intended for academic/curricular use only.
  • Please contact Academic Computing for more information.

Other websites

Using something else? Let us know, we'd love to link to it and make it easier for your students and the rest of us to find it.

Still using If you are still using these pages contact your Academic Computing Liaison and they can work with you to maintain or assist you in migrating to our newer publishing platforms.