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See: the ENewsletter plugin home for more detailed instructions.

The below are specific to Evergreen:


Dashboard > eNewsletter > Settings ...


  • Branding - is not necessary if using the Evergreen email Template

Outgoing Email Settings

  • Email Sending Method: WP mail
  • From email: newsletter@evergreen.edu email address

Create Newsletter

  • choose theme - Evergreen theme will give you and Evergreen branded template
  • add content
  • Send preview to test

Managing Member Groups

Batch process users into the appropriate groups

Group assignment can happen during the import process; this does not interfere with existing WordPress Users roles.

  1. From the Members Area choose Export Members (to generate a csv of your members)
  2. Create a separate CSV file with the membership, so all users in MPA2017 would be on the same csv file while another group would be in a different csv file
  3. Show the New Member / Import forms
  4. In the Import Members section choose the CSV file to import and then check the proper group assignment

Known Issues

There is a plugin conflict between the eNewsletter plugin and the Email Users Plugin. These two plugins cannot be activated at the same time on the same site.