Effects - Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro has a wide variety of audio and video effects.

You can use the search bar at the top of the Effects tab to quickly search for effects.

Adding Effects

  1. Click the Effects tab
  2. Find the effect that you want to use.
  3. Drag the effect on to the clip in the timeline.

Editing Effects

  • The Effects Control tab is used to edit effect paramters
  • The Effect Control tab displays the effects for the currently selected clip in the timeline.
  • The default video effects are
    • Motion
    • Opacity
    • Time Remapping
  • The default audio effects are
    • Volume
    • Channel Volume
    • Panner
  • Any effects that were manually added will also appear in the list.
  • To reorder an effect , click on the effect name and drag to a new position.
  • To bypass an effect click the FX icon before the effect name.
  • To remove an effect right-click on the effect name and select cut.
  • To adjust parameters move the slide or change the number fields.
  • To reset an parameters value back to the default click the circular arrow.

Using Keyframes

Effects parameters can be set to change over time with keyframes. Below is a simple description of the process. See the Keyframe Editing - PP article for more information.

  1. Position the playhead to where the keyframe should be set.
  2. Set the effect parameter to the desired value.
  3. To enable keyframes for a parameter click the stopwatch icon by the parameter name.
  4. When the stopwatch is first click a keyframe is set at the current value and position in time.
  5. Move the playhead to a new position in the timeline.
  6. Click the add/remove keyframe button to add a new keyframe.