Exporting Video - Premiere Pro

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Exporting with Premiere

  1. Click in the Timeline of the sequence you want to export.
  2. Go to File > Export > Media....
  3. In the bottom left choose what part of the sequence to export.
    1. Entire Sequence: exports the entire sequence.
    2. Sequence In/Out: Exports the area between any in and out points set in the sequence.
    3. Work Area: Exports the Work Area set in the Timeline.
    4. Custom: Exports the area set by the triangles above this setting.
  4. For Export Settings choose a Format and a Preset.
  5. Next to Output Name click on the name in blue, name the files, then choose a save location.
  6. Click Export to export.

Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder allows you to export multiple versions of the same sequence and it allows you to keep working in Premiere while export is encoding.

  1. To use Adobe Media Encoder first follow the steps above.
  2. Click the Queue button and Adobe Media Encoder will open.
  3. Drag a preset onto the name of your sequence to add the preset to the Queue.
  4. Click the Start Queue button (green play button in the top right) to start the exporting.