General Policies of the Computer Center

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We strive to provide an atmosphere that is supportive of your academic work. Please be mindful of the following guidelines to help us achieve this goal and best serve the Evergreen community.

Social Contract

The Evergreen Social Contract helps define the guidelines for respectful behavior for the Evergreen community. The Computer Center's mission to provide an atmosphere that is supportive of your academic work can only be achieved by asking that all patrons and staff adhere to the social contract. Specifically:

  • The individual members of the Evergreen community are responsible for protecting each other and visitors on campus from physical harm, from personal threats, and from uncivil abuse.
  • Civility is not just a word; it must be present in all our interactions.

Appropriate Use of Technology


  • Please leave your bicycles outside the Computer Center. This helps keep walkways clear in case of emergencies.
  • We appreciate you eating food in the designated lounge areas only.
  • Drink containers with lids are allowed near the computers.
  • Service animals are the only animals allowed in the Computer Center.
  • Use headphones! You can check them out from Media Loan.


There is currently no additional printing charge for student generated academic work. The Computer Center reserves the right to hold large print jobs that could cause delays to other patrons or damage to the printers based on their length or excessive use of toner (solid black prints.)

  • Please do not open our printers. Immediately notify a staff person if there is a jam or any other maintenance required. In all cases, it is important that we are aware of, and document, any maintenance that is performed on our equipment.
  • We prefer that you limit your printing to single copies.
  • Each student is allotted 1000 pages to print each quarter. If you run out of your allotment, please see the help desk and ask to speak with a manager.
  • We kindly ask that you help us reduce our printer usage whenever possible and are very happy to help you print double sided, condensed work.
  • Print jobs that are not academic or pose a risk to our equipment will be paused (held) until we can discuss the print job with you.

Assistive Technology and Digital Video Workstations

  • Specialized workstations are prioritized for students who specifically need that equipment.
  • When not in use they are available for all students. However, Computer Center staff may ask individuals to move if those workstations are required by others.

Lost & Found

  • The Computer Center keeps a Lost and Found of USB drives and other items. Valuable items are immediately brought to police services.