Guiding Principles and Organization - my.evergreen

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The site supports the academic and administrative needs of Evergreen students, staff, and faculty. Content is provided to the individual, giving access to resources and information specific to that individual and/or role.

Primary Content Guidelines

This site provides access to content, applications and data made specifically available for and tailored to authenticated members of the Evergreen community based on role (faculty, staff or student) and identity (login). Approved content and software offered via must directly support this purpose.

Announcement Block

Context-specific information made available on the front page of is reserved for information and updates related to data and applications available via Examples could include changes to core systems (evaluation, finance, time and leave, etc..) and administrative surveys. Content for this block needs to be defined by role (faculty, staff. students) and by begin and end date.

To Do Block

This area is reserved for pushing tasks, approved by the advisory committee, that require action on the part of an individual user.

Ownership Structure

Application ownership: The ownership and responsibility for site is by the following collective:

  • Jamie Daniel, Associate Director of Computing and Communications, Administrative Computing
  • Rip Heminway, Associate Director of Computing and Communications, Academic Computing
  • Susan Bustetter, Campus Web Manager

Advisory Committee: Consultation and review of initiatives and requests are provided by the advisory group. The advisory group is comprised of representatives from every division of the college.

Change Process

Anyone may request an addition or change to These requests should be directed to the advisory committee. The owners of convene the advisory group on an as-needed basis regarding major changes or additions to Requests for additions or changes can be made via this request form