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Learn how to use Hypothes.is with WordPress

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  • Assignments will be uploaded to our class WordPress site in PDF format.
  • Students will add notes to their classmates' work via the online collaborative annotation tool Hypothes.is.
  • We will do this work in a private group but your notes will be visible to the entire class.

Create an account at Hypothes.is

You will need to create a free account at Hypothes.is

  1. Navigate to your programs View uploaded Assignments page
  2. click Join our Hypothes.is private group link
  3. select Create an Account
    • create a username (this is the name your faculty and classmates will see)
    • email (you may need this to reset your password if you forget it)
    • password (keep this password in a safe place like a password management tool)
  4. click Sign up

Adding notes to your classmates' writing

At the View uploaded Assignments page

  1. from the dropdown, choose the assignment you want to view and click Submit
  2. Select the assignment you want to add notes to, it should open the PDF in a browser window
  3. While viewing the pdf, note the Hypothes.is toolbar in the upper right corner of the browser window
  4. expand the toolbar by clicking <
  5. IMPORTANT: Change from Public to your private group before adding notes
  6. Select the Page Notes icon
  7. Add your notes and click Post to Your Group

Viewing notes/annotation

There are multiple ways to view notes:

  1. View notes on a per document basis: Open the pdf document and expand the Hypothes.is toolbar. If there are any notes they will appear there.
  2. View all notes posted across all documents in the group: click the grey group name in the Hypothes.is toolbar
  3. View all notes written by you: from the Hypothes.is toolbar click your username to go to your accounts stream of annotations/notes