IChat for Mac OS X

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Figure 2

You can use iChat for Mac OS X to connect to Evergreen's Jabber chat server. One advantage to using iChat is that if you are using a mac, it is probably already installed.

Alert: iChat does not support password protected chatrooms. If you are entering a chatroom that requires a password (for an academic program for instance) you will need to use Adium instead.

Create your iChat Jabber account

  1. Launch iChat
  2. Add an your Evergreen account. Go iChat > Preferences > Accounts and click the plus sign (+) to add a new account
  3. Set the Account type to Jabber
  4. Enter your evergreen account name username@evergreen.edu
  5. Enter your Evergreen password Figure 1
  6. Click Done

How to connect to a chatroom for an academic program

  1. Make sure your Evergreen account is connected and go File > Go to Chat Room
  2. Enter the name of your chatroom as yourchatroom@programs.evergreen.edu and click Go Figure 2