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Learn the basic wiki syntax for embedding images. Remember, you can also use the Visual Editor for a quick and easy way to embed images.

portrait of Nicola Tesla

Image Basic Syntax

Displaying images in wiki pages is a 2 step process:

  1. Upload the image file by clicking the Upload file link in the Toolbox navigation. (note: you must use .jpg, .gif and .png type image files). For more on uploading files see Uploading Files
  2. In the page you want the image to be displayed in, place a link to the image file using the following syntax (note: replace filename.jpg with the name of your file) [[File:filename.jpg]] or [[File:filename.jpg|alt text]] to include alternate text with your image.

Extended image syntax

There are many additional ways you can control how images are displayed.


Example: This image uses the following syntax. Note the size refers to the width only in pixels.

[[File:Tesla portrait.gif|thumb|right|150px|portrait of Nicola Tesla]]

Image Galleries

The basic syntax is:

Image:Tesla portrait.gif
Image:Tesla portrait.gif|Captioned
Image:Tesla portrait.gif
Image:Tesla portrait.gif|[[Links]] can be put in captions.
Image:Tesla portrait.gif

Which produces:

Notice that there are no brackets except for links within captions. Captions are optional. Images are separated by new lines.

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