Inserting Objects

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Including supplementary items like images, data tables, flash animations, or movie clips can enhance your PowerPoint presentation by allowing you to present information in different ways. Adding images or flash animations, for instance, can help you communicate certain points visually.

Insert Excel worksheets or tables into a slide using Paste or Paste Special commands. You can insert images into your presentation using the paste command as well.
Insert most other objects by using the Insert feature, which can usually be found in a menu or tab at the top of the PowerPoint screen.

When to Use This

  • To add objects like Excel worksheets or data tables to your presentation.
  • To add images or flash animations to your presentation.
  • To link OR to embed objects from other applications or documents to your presentation.
      • Note: Linked objects and embedded objects will behave differently. Because linked objects are linked to their source files, they will change if modified in the source file; embedded objects, when embedded, become part of the destination file and won't change when the source file changes. More information can be found on the pages linked below.

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