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Much of your Powerpoint presentation will be based on text you write. There are multiple ways to insert text into your presentation—the method you choose will depend on what kind of text you want to enter and how you want that text to appear.

Perhaps the most efficient way to enter text into your presentation is through the Outline View. To switch to this view, select the Outline tab in the Slides/Outlines windowpane in the left of the Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 screen. From the Outline View, simply start typing to add the primary Title text to each slide. Press Enter to start a new slide with Title text, or, if you want to add Subtitle text to your first slide, press Tab and continue typing. Each time you press Tab a new subsection will be added. (If you want to go back to a previous subsection, press Shift + Tab).

Alternatively, when you first open a New Presentation, and when you insert a New Slide, you will typically have a Title Box and a Subtitle Box on your blank slide.  Simply click on either box and begin typing to add text.  

You can additionally insert a new Text Box by choosing Insert > Text Box. This is a good feature for adding a caption beneath a photo.

If you have a Word Document you can also convert your text from that document into a Powerpoint Outline: To do this, first make sure your document is saved as a .doc, .rtf, or .txt file. Then from the Home tab go to the Slides group and select Insert Slides from Outline. Locate your file and click Insert to add the text to your slide. Each paragraph of your document will be made into a separate slide.

When to Use This

  • To add Titles to your presentation.
  • To add Subtitles to your presentation.
  • To add Text boxes to your presentation.
  • To add captions to photos.
  • To turn content from a text document into a slide presentation.

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