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- To familiarize yourself with what is in the room… there is an extron switcher (the metal frame in the corner with buttons on it), a Mac Mini, and a document camera.

- Main power button on extron switcher must be on.

- To turn on the data projector, press the ‘Projector Display’ button on the extron switcher.


  1. Plug your laptop into power outlet.
  2. To use or plug in your laptop, you’ll need to access the VGA cable that is connected to the Mac Mini.
  3. At extron switcher, press computer button (laptop).
  • Don’t forget – the volume needs to be up on the extron switcher

Mac Mini:

  1. Make sure the data projector is turned on.
  2. You’ll need to make sure the VGA cable is attached to the Mac adapter on the back of the Mac Mini.
  3. Mac Mini button on extron switcher must be engaged.

Document Camera:

  1. ‘Doc Cam’ button must be engaged on extron switcher.
  2. Turn document camera on (button on left side).
  3. Turn document camera lights on. (could take a full 30 seconds for lights to turn on)
Data projector will fall asleep after 15 minutes.
Don’t forget to turn off the data projector when done.

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