MES Thesis - PowerPoint & Google Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular digital presentation application. It is most commonly used to present ideas and images in a linear sequence, such as a "click-through" slide show. PowerPoint also includes advanced features to create animations and "interactive" presentations.

This workshop will walk you through how to:

  • Create a blank presentation (and save)
  • Identify user interface elements used to accomplish basic tasks
  • Add text and images to slides
  • Apply a theme and layout
  • Format slide content
  • Show your presentation

Using PowerPoint at Evergreen

  • PowerPoint, as part of the Microsoft Office suite, is available in the Computer Center and many other places on campus. PowerPoint is available for Windows or Macintosh, and in theory it is possible to bring your files between platforms (you may encounter issues with formatting and fonts).

Google Slides

  • For a brief introduction to this PowerPoint-like application, please see the information at bottom.

Overview of the PowerPoint User Interface

  • Menu Bar Items: File, Edit, and View
  • Standard Toolbar and Buttons: Save, Open, and Print (TIP: Hover cursor over a button to identify its use)
  • Ribbon and Tabs (for quick access to features and tools): Home is used to insert and format slides
  • Left pane view: if it does not appear, go to View > make sure there is a checkmark next to Normal
  • Slide Layout: placeholders
  • Notes pane: only the presenter can see this section when presenting

Create and Edit a Presentation

Start a new presentation

  • Open PowerPoint > select a blank presentation or template from the Gallery
  • Create 3 new slides using these methods:
    • under Home tab > Slides > Click the New Slide icon
    • Click on the arrow to right of the New Slide icon to select a slide with layout
    • Menu Bar > Insert > New Slide
  • To change order of slides, click and drag

Saving your presentation

  • PowerPoint version 2007 and newer use .pptx as an extension to distinguish its proprietary files from those that will open in previous versions of the program. Be cautious when saving files using .pptx because your presentation will not open in an older version of PowerPoint which uses the .ppt extension.

Add Content

  • NOTE: Be mindful of elements that require connection to Internet, such as links (URLs) or embedded videos
  • Placeholder: enter text directly into it, or use a shortcut to insert content
  • Drag image from Media pop-up window into the placeholder
  • Adjust image within the placeholder using buttons at bottom, or resize image using frame
  • Create a new text box

Apply a theme and layout

  • Use themes and layouts for consistent design throughout your presentation
  • Theme defines fonts, colors, backgrounds and effects
  • Layout defines how content is arranged
  • You can change themes and layouts at any time

Format Slide Content

  • Different formatting may be applied to any slide, form, text, or object

Show your presentation

  • Rehearse
  • Presenter View
  • Play Slide Show
    • From the start: Home tab > click arrow next to Play, then click Play from Start
    • From selected slide: select slide to start from, then go to Home tab, under Slide Show, click Play

Presentation Tips


  • Keep content relevant, organized, and focused to the audience you are presenting to
  • Avoid reading directly from the presentation you are showing - use presentation content as an outline or guide for introducing key topics or talking points to be elaborated on through the oral component of your presentation


  • Content should be the "star" of the presentation
  • Avoid overwhelming an audience with text- or image-heavy frames
  • Take advantage of white space
  • "Chunk" or "bullet point" information
  • Use of scale or sizing to emphasis different points or elements
  • Refrain from using animated transitions that move too quickly or extra features that distract from the content

What is Google Slides? Why use it?

  • Free and versatile online presentation software similar to PowerPoint
  • May be accessed online (desktop, mobile, tablet) or saved as a document to your computer or device
  • With a Google Drive account you get 15GB of free cloud storage and access to other applications such as Docs, Sheets, and more
  • Ability to share files and folders, plus create and collaborate!

Creating a Google Drive account

  • Use your existing Gmail/Google account or create a new/additional account