Mac OS X Fonts

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Working with Type In order to use a typeface or fonts in your document, it must be “installed” on the computer you’re working on. With Mac OSX fonts live can live in either of two locations; the local users’s fonts folder or the system’s fonts folder. Using Font Book to preview fonts Font Book is an Apple utility to help manage fonts. You can preview, create collections, add or disable fonts all from within Font Book.
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Launch Font Book

1. double click on your Mac Harddrive
2. Select the Applications folder
3. Doubleclick on the Font Book

Preview your fonts in Font Book

1. Select All Fonts to view the fonts installed in the User, Computer and Classic folders.
2. To modify the preview window, from the top menu go Preview > Custom. You can now type the txt you’d like to display during preview.
3. Arrow down your font list to see your text in various font styles.
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Finding and downloading more fonts

You may find that the fonts installed on the system your working on are not adequate. There are many freely available fonts available to legally download and use from the internet. One good site is

Installing Fonts in Font Book

Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped your font all you need to do to install it is
1. Select the User folder from within Font Book
2. Click the Plus sign to add a new font to that folder
3. Locate the font file you just downloaded (usually ends with a .ttf for True Type Font) and click OK