Masks on Effects - Premiere Pro

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  • All effects except Warp Stabilizer have built in masks
  1. Drag Gaussian Blur to a clip.
  2. Look at the clip in Effect Controls
  3. You can create an ellipse, 4-point polygon or free draw bezier mask.
  4. Add a mask to the clip.
  5. Turn up the Gaussian Blur effect
  6. Only the masked are will be blurred.
  7. Click the Inverted check box to invert the mask

Motion Tracking

  1. Go to the first frame off the motion
  2. Add mask where needed.
  3. Click the Track Selected Mask Forward button
  4. Wait

Editing Mask Paths

  1. Select the Mask and zoom in the keyframes.
  2. Use Go to Next Keyframe button to get to the keyframe to edit.
  3. Move the Mask as needed.
  4. Repeat