Mediaworks - Soundtrack with DP and Premiere Pro

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Digital Performer

Digital Performer can open a movie file that will play along with the audio in the sequence.

Open a Movie File

  1. Open Digital Performer and create a new project.
  2. Save the project to the Storage drive with your name.
  3. Go to the Digital Performer menu and select Hide Digital Performer.
  4. In the Finder copy the movie file into your project folder.
  5. Click on the Digital Performer icon in the Dock to show Digital Performer again.
  6. Go to Project > Movie . The Choose a Movie File window will open. Find the movie file in your project folder and click Open.


  • Double clicking on the Movie window will toggle it between the consolidated window and it's own window.
  • To adjust the size of the window control click on the movie and switch between Half Size or Normal Size.

Bouncing to a Movie File

Digital Performer can bounce the mix of the sequence into a new movie file.

  1. Make sure that automation is enabled on all track that you are automating and that nothing is muted.
  2. Select the Sequence Editor and go to Edit > Select All.
  3. Go to File> Bounce to Disk.
  4. For File Format choose : QuickTime Export:Movie.
  5. For Source choose the stereo output the mix is using (for example Built-in Line Output 1-2).
  6. Give the file a name.
  7. Click Choose Folder to select where the file is saved. The default should be the Bounces folder for your project.
  8. Click OK. A window should appear showing the progress of the bounce.
  9. Watch the movie in QuickTime Player.

Premiere Pro

Intro to Premiere Pro - PP

Titles - Premiere Pro

File Management

  1. Create a folder in Storage on your computer. Name it something you will remember. Do not use special characters other than dash or underscore.
  2. Copy your video export from Digital Performer to this folder

New Project

  • Open Premiere Pro
  • On the splash screen click New Project
  • Name the project'
  • For Location click Browse and find your folder
  • Click OK

Importing Files

  1. In the Media Browser navigate to your files in your project folder.
  2. Right-click on the file and choose Import.

New Sequence

  1. In the Project pane right-click on the video file and choose new sequence from clip.
  2. A new sequence will appear in the Timeline pane.


Exporting Using Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder allows you to export multiple versions of the same sequence and it allows you to keep working in Premiere while export is encoding.

  1. To use Adobe Media Encoder first follow the steps above.
  2. Click the Queue button and Adobe Media Encoder will open.
  3. Drag the "1920 Screening ProRes 422LT" preset onto the name of your sequence to add the preset to the Queue.
  4. Click the Start Queue button (green play button) to start the exporting.