Office 365 Error - Device Disabled

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Resolution for Microsoft 365 Apps – Error code 135011: Your organization has disabled this device

What happened?

When you signed in to a Microsoft Office 365 app, you received an error message stating your device has been disabled.



  • On your Windows 10 device click on the search bar and type "Accounts", then click "Manage your account."
  • Click on "Access work or school." Click on your @Evergreen account then click on "Disconnect."
  • Open one of your Microsoft 365 Desktop applications (Teams, Outlook, etc.) The application will immediately ask you to log in. Please log in with your Evergreen credentials.
  • Uncheck the "Allow my organization to manage my device" option and click "OK".
    • If you forget to uncheck the box you will get an error. Should this happen, close out all your Microsoft 365 applications, restart your computer and start over from step 3 above.
  • Your device will be enabled so you can access your Microsoft Office 365 applications.