Olympus BX63 Upright Microscope Information Table

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Information Table
Table List Table Value
Instrument_CommonName Olympus BX63 Upright Microscope
Instrument_Name Olympus BX63 Upright Microscope
Instrument_Picture Picture
Instrument_Manufacturer Olympus
Instrument_Model BX63
Instrument_Serial# 7C90009
Instrument_Firmware NA
Instrument_Asset_Tag NA
Instrument_TurnKeySolution No
Instrument_Roaming No
Instrument_Building Lab I
Instrument_Floor 0 (Basement)
Instrument_Room 067C
Instrument_Acquisition_Date 2017-07
Computer_Make Dell
Computer_Model Precision Tower 3620
Computer_Asset_Tag EME10065
Computer_Hostname SC-Olympus-BX63
Computer_IP DHCP
Computer_MAC 50-9A-4C-4C-4C-D8
Computer_OS Windows 10
Computer_OS_Version 1709
Computer_RAM 16GB
Computer_HD (1) 250GB (2) 1TB
Software_Vendor Olympus
Software_Product_Name cellSense Dimension
Software_Product_Version 1.16
Software_Last_Updated 2017-10

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