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Opacity controls the transparency of a clip. Clips default to 100% opacity (completely visible). As the opacity is reduced the clip becomes more transparent and the track below becomes more visible.

Timeline Panel Adjustments

Time Display Settings is the Wrench icon in the top left of the Timelines panel

  1. Expand the view of a track, if necessary, by clicking the Wrench icon and select Expand All tracks
  1. If necessary, click the Wrench icon and select Show Video Keyframes
    • Note: If no keyframes exist on the track, the rubber band appears as a straight horizontal line across the entire track.
  2. Select the Selection tool, and drag the opacity control rubber band up or down or select the Pen tool, and drag the opacity control rubber band up or down.
    • The opacity value and current time appear as a tool tip as you drag.
  3. To animate the Opacity effect over time, first set keyframes. Select the Pen tool. Click on the opacity control rubber band with the Pen tool wherever you want to set a keyframe. Then drag each keyframe up or down to set its value. For example, to fade a clip in, create a keyframe at the beginning of the clip and another a few seconds later. Drag the first down to the bottom of the clip at 0 opacity. Drag the second up to 100%.

Effects Controls Panel Adjustments

  1. With the Selection tool double click a clip in the Timeline to open in in the Source Monitor.
  2. In the Source Monitor clock on the Effects Control panel. Click the triangle to the left of Opacity to expand the view.
  3. In the Effects Control panel or Timeline panel move the playhead to you want to add a keyframe.
  4. Click the Add/Remove Keyfram button PP KeyNav N.png to add a keyframe.
  5. While the playhead is over the keyframe adjust the value of the keyframe by clicking on the Opacity value and sliding the mouse left or right.