Orca Program Shares

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As of September 2023, Orca Program Shares are networked file space available to GIS-related offerings only. These shares are accessible by the faculty and enrolled students for a particular program and can be accessed from both on and off campus. Share folders will be created, by automation, when registration has begun. These folders are cycled and purged every quarter in order to provide sufficient workspace needed to meet curricular needs.

Fileshares have the following structure:

  • Cubbies are individual folders for student work, which Faculty can access
  • Faculty is a space for Faculty only
  • Handouts is a way to provide materials to your students. Students can read but not write.
  • Instrument_data does not appear in every program share, but is used with scientific instrumentation
  • Workspace is an open space for everyone to share files

Lifecycle of a fileshare

Academic program shares on Orca are available for the duration of the GIS academic offering. Once the program has finished, program folders are placed in a short term archive (STA) two weeks into the following quarter. These data are removed all together week 5 and available only 28 days past the point of deletion.

Faculty: If you wish to preserve any data after the quarter has finished, please submit a help request with Academic Technologies as soon as possible!

Connect to a fileshare

Select your operating system below to find detailed instructions on connecting to Evergreen's network file space:

File share/storage options for non-GIS offerings

Questions? Contact Academic Technologies for help.