Recording a Meeting in Teams

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Teams meetings and calls can be recorded with audio, video, and screen sharing. See the Microsoft article Record a Meeting in Teams for more details.

Make a Recording

  1. Start a Teams Meeting or Call
  2. To start the recording go to the top right of the meeting window and select More Options (...) > Start Recording
  3. A red recording light will appear in the top left of the meeting window
  4. Everyone in the meeting will be notified that a recording has started
  5. To stop the recording go to More Options (...) > Stop Recording
  6. The recording will be processed.
    1. Calls and meetings will be saved to OneDrive
    2. Channel meetings will be placed in the SharePoint for the channel

Get the Recording

  • After the recording is stopped a link will appear in the meeting chat
  • It might take a while for the recording to process. The link might not load for a few minutes
  • The recording will be saved in the OneDrive of the person who started the recording
  • Other participants with Evergreen accounts will automatically have view and edit permissions for the recording
  • The recording will be an mp4 file and it can be downloaded
  • If Live Captions were turned on during the meeting the captions are not saved and are not part of the video file