Getting Started with Teams

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What you need to know to get started using Microsoft Teams at Evergreen.

Basic Teams Features

The Microsoft Teams app can be used for chat, audio and video calls, and video meetings. Everyone with an Evergreen account has access to the basic features of Teams. Later if a user is added to a team additional features will be available.

Basic features include:

  • Chat and group chat
  • Audio and video calls
  • Video Meetings
    • Note: Video meetings and calls do not have a time limit like the basic Zoom accounts do

Additional features that come with Team membership

If you are a member of a Team you can:

  • Create posts and channels
  • Share files easily with all team members
  • Connect and share various M365 apps within your Team

Accessing Teams via the web

Teams can be used as a web app. Microsoft has an article that details the differences between using Teams on different platforms.

The web app has these limitations during video meetings

  • Only one active speaker
  • No together mode
  • No background blur
  • No custom background
  • No live captions

To login to the web app:

  1. Go to and click sign in in the top right
  2. Enter your Evergreen email and click Next
  3. Enter your Evergreen password and click Sign In
  4. Click the Teams icon along the left side
  5. The next window might ask to get the app or use the web app
  6. Click Use the web app instead

Installing the Teams app on your desktop or mobile device

To get the installer for the desktop or mobile apps use the Microsoft link below

Changing Your Profile Name

The display name in Teams is set by your profile in our Microsoft 365 system. The links below describe the process to change your chosen name or to make a legal name change.

Need a Team Created?

See: Requesting a Microsoft Team