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Microsoft Project is a project management tool for complex projects with dependencies.

Evergreen provides two levels of access for staff and faculty to Microsoft Project.

  • View Access: Microsoft Project for Office (Plan E5) is part of our default set of M365 available apps and gives all staff and faculty that have been added to a Project view access to the project.
  • Edit/Create Access: Users that need to create projects or edit tasks within a Project will need to request a full Project Plan 3 license (additional cost). Please work with the Project Manager to identify whether you need full edit access or if view access is sufficient.

Does your project require Microsoft Project?

To understand the best tool for task/project management see: When to use Microsoft Project, Planner, To-Do or the Tasks app in Teams. Microsoft Planner and/or Tasks is a great alternative and is part of our standard M365 license set and can be used effectively to manage many projects.

  1. Is this a solo project or a team project?
    • Solo projects should make use of Microsoft Tasks or Planner.
  2. Are there few deliverables and dependencies, or many?
    • Projects that do not have many dependencies or deliverables should use Microsoft Planner.
  3. Do you understand that you will need to purchase a Project license for all Team members that need to update tasks assigned?
    • You can however give View access to any Evergreen community member without requiring they purchase an additional Project license
  4. Are you a member of a Microsoft Project where you've been assigned tasks to edit/update?

If after reviewing this info it seems clear that you need Project, please submit a New Technology Request but keep in mind you will need to purchase a Project license for all Team members that need to update tasks assigned.

Getting Started with Project

There are currently a few different Microsoft Project products: Project Desktop, Project Online, and Project for the Web. To help standardize support and collaboration across the college, we recommend using Microsoft's most current version of Project: Project for the Web. Learn more about What you can do with Project for the Web.