Save Content from Canvas

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This guide provides direction for Students seeking to save content from Evergreen's Canvas instance. Faculty & Staff: please contact Academic Technologies if you have questions about saving, importing, or exporting Canvas content.

At User Account Level

To access your files and/or portfolios in Canvas, click on "Account" at top of the menu at far left and follow the needed path (outlined below):

  • Account > Files
  • Account > ePortfolios
  • Account > Files > My Files > Submissions (there can be multiple "Submissions" folders)
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At Canvas Course Level

Content needs to be published and available for those in the Student role to access it. For questions about content, please contact your faculty.
Reasons why you may not be able to access some content:

  • content is not published
  • content is contained in a unpublished or locked module
  • content is not available until or no longer available at a specific date/time

Any content that is published and available to you as a student can be printed from the browser and/or "saved" using copy-and-paste.

  • Some areas of content provide a download link or print button
    • The Grades for [student's name] page has its own "Print Grades" button and a "Show All Details" button, both at upper right
  • To print out annotated submissions (your submission files that faculty have reviewed and left feedback on for you) see wiki guide, Print from Canvas.
  • When Canvas pages are printed via the browser, any links in the content are included as links, meaning, if you save the page as a digital copy (e.g. PDF), the links should be clickable/available in the document.