Sony RDS Voice Recorder Checklist

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Sony RDS Voice Recorder Check-List-

  1. Do you have everything in the kit?
    • The Recorder
    • Batteries (both for the device and for additional mic if you are checking one out. Always take extra regardless)
    • The USB file transfer Cable
    • The recorder sleeve
    • The Windscreen
  2. (Optional) Do you have any needed supplementary equipment?
    • Camera?
    • Microphone (1/8" stereo microphone - Sony MOT)
  3. Prepare for recording!
    • Use hold button to power on device.
    • Select recording mode (either low or high).
    • Select folder to record into.
    • When ready to record, press red circular button on the right side of the recorder.
    • To pause recording, press the REC red button once again.
  4. Playing back and checking recording.
    • To play back recording, hit the STOP button on the side of the recorder which will put you back at the folder.
    • Press the PLAY button to play back recording.
  5. Back up files!
    • To back up files plug the device using the USB cord into the computer.
    • Drag the files from the device drive onto the storage of the computer.
    • Always remember to eject the device drive before removing the connection

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