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SoundCloud is the world's largest community of sound creators and let's you create, record and share the sounds you create anywhere with friends, family and the world.

Using SoundCloud in WordPress

Links to will automatically embed an audio player when added to pages/posts of your WordPress site.

Setup your SoundCloud account

Go to and setup your free account. The free accounts give you 120 minutes of uploaded audio. File formats can be aiff, wave, mp3, AAC, WMA +

  • upload your audio file
  • navigate to your audio file's individual page and copy the URL

Add the SoundCloud Link

  1. In your WordPress site, edit the post or page where you want to embed the sound clip
  2. Paste the SoundCloud link to your audio file on its own line

View your site

  • Visit your site to see how SoundCloud embedded the file
  • Viewers can play directly from your site
  • To comment on the clip they will need to go directly to