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To adjust the speed, duration or to reverse a clip

  • Select a clip in the Timeline and go to Clip > Speed/Duration
  • or right-click on a clip and choose Speed/Duration.

The settings in the Speed/Duration window:

  • To adjust the speed or duration separately from each other click the gang button so that it shows a broken link.
  • Adjust the Speed or Duration values by clicking on the number and dragging left or right while holding down the mouse button or click on the number and type in a new value.
  • To have the speed or duration adjusted together click the gang button so that it shows an unbroken link.
  • Reverse Speed: Check this to reverse the speed.
  • Maintain Audio Pitch: Check this to have the pitch remain the same as the duration is changed.
  • Ripple Edit, Shifting Trailing Clips: Checking this will cause any adjacent clips to move if needed.