Subclips - Premiere Pro

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A subclip is a section of a master (source) clip. They are useful for organizing long clips.

  • Subclips reference the master clips media file. Creating subclips does not create more media files.
  • The following can not be made into subclips.
    • Selections of multiple clips
    • Titles, still images, synthetic clips
    • Sequence clips
    • Grouped clips

Creating a subclip

  1. Double-click a clip in the Project panel to open it in the Source Monitor.
  2. In the Source Monitor set the in and out points needed for the subclip.
    • A subclip can not have the same in and out points as the master clip.
  3. Go to Clip > Make Subclip and enter a name for the subclip.
  4. The subclip will appear in the Project panel.