Subtitles in PowerPoint

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Getting Started

PowerPoint can create real-time captions/subtitles during a presentation.

Detailed instruction are available from


  • Internet connection
  • For best results, use a headset microphone
  • Windows 10 and PowerPoint version 16.0.11601.20178 or higher
  • PowerPoint for macOS version or higher.
  • Web: compatible with the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 34+, Mozilla Firefox 25+

Set Up

  • In the Slide Show tab, click Always Use Subtitles
  • Click Subtitles Settings to adjust settings
  • Spoken Language: set to English (United States)
  • Subtitle Language: set to English
  • Microphone: Choose the source microphone
  • The are 4 options at the bottom for subtitle positioning.


  • When Always Use Subtitles is checked, subtitles will appear during a presentation
  • On/Off keyboard shortcut: J