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Your WordPress site acts as the sole vehicle for the documentation of your city field study.

Your site will include:

  • your field study plan
  • weekly entries of text
  • photos
  • mapping - a Google Map will be integrated into your site for mapping purposes, (popup detail bubbles as you mouse over your city’s pinpointed locations).
  • may also include sound

Weekly text entries will include:

  1. information on the progress of your field study activities
  2. how your selected field study reading is informing your work, and
  3. impressions of your city

What else?

You will are also review the WordPress sites of other students in the program and comment on at least two sites each week.

Getting started

Journaling tips

  • make connections between what you are experiencing/perceiving and the course readings
  • write frequently, at least 2 times per week if not more. Write when impressions are fresh. If you are not near a computer keep a paper journal then type up your notes later.
  • capture the experience of a place with images and audio
  • interact what other students' journals. They are going through a similar experience, how are they approaching their journal and the academic challenges of the course?
  • Your site is public. You are publishing your ideas for the world to find and read if they are interested in what you have to say. If you don't want your mother or future employer to read it, then set the privacy settings accordingly.
  • This site won't live forever, it will be deleted once you leave Evergreen but you can take the structure and text with you.

Set up your site

  1. Start with the WordPress Tutorial
  2. Set up the GeoMashup Google Maps plugin
    • Tips for geo-blogging:
      • keep track of the location for each journal entry, intersection/address info
      • if possible, use a camera that captures gps coordinates
  3. Setup Image Galleries

Things to know about your blog