Temporary Student Licences - Dragonframe

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Software License

Media Services has a limited number of Dragonframe licenses that can be temporarily assigned to students for academic work.

Temporary Licenses Assigned by Media Services
  • Licenses are normally assigned for one quarter.
  • If there are a lot of request we might need to assign licences for a shorter amount of time.
  • E-mail animationsupport@evergreen.edu and someone will contact you.
Licenses from Dragonframe
  • Dragonframe has a student discount for students that need to purchase their own license.
  • The trial license available from DragonFrame adds a permanent watermark to each image.


Media Loan

  • Media Loan does not have all of the accessories for setting up an animation stand.
  • Just because you are assigned a license it does not mean that Media Loan will have cameras or other equipment available.
  • Media Loan does have some Dragonframe Bluetooth controllers available for checkout.