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Transport Toolbar

- controls playback and recording


  • Pause (P) : Click Pause to temporarily pause playing or recording without losing your place. Click Pause a second time to resume.
  • Play (Spacebar) : Playback begins wherever the editing cursor is. Or if an area of track is selected, only that selection will be played.
  • Loop Play (Shift Spacebar ) : Play the track or selection over and over until you stop. Hold down Shift while clicking Play.
  • Stop (Spacebar) : Stops playing or recording immediately, and releases Pause if depressed.
  • Skip to Start (Home) : Move the cursor to the beginning of the project.
  • Skip to End (End) : Move the cursor to the end of the project.
  • Record (R) : Starts recording at the end of the currently selected track(s).

Tools Toolbar

- chooses various tools for selection, volume adjustment, zooming, time-shifting of audio and a multi-function tool


  • Selection : Click to select a start point for audio playback, or click and drag to select a range of audio to play or edit.
  • Envelope : Use to add points to adjust the volume level.
  • Draw : enables you to manually redraw the waveform; it can thus be used to make volume changes to individual samples or to effect repairs to clicks/noise.
  • Zoom : Use to zoom in by clicking on the waveform. Shift click to zoom out.
  • Time Shift : Use to move clips forward or back in the Timeline or up and down between tracks.
  • Multi Tool : Combines all tools. Function change as depending on the position.

Meter Toolbar

- displays levels for playback and recording


Mixer Toolbar

- controls the mixer settings of the sound card


Transcription Toolbar

- plays audio at a slower or faster speed, affecting the pitch

Audacity-transcription toolbar.png

Edit Toolbar

- cut, copy, paste, trim, silence, undo, redo, zoom


  • Cut (⌘ X) : Cuts the selected audio and adds it to the clipboard.
  • Copy (⌘ C) : Copies the selected audio and adds it to the clipboard.
  • Paste (⌘ V) : Paste the clipboard at the position of the cursor.
  • Trim Audio (⌘ T) : Deletes all audio in a clip except the selection.
  • Silence Audio (⌘ L) : Replaces the currently selected audio with absolute silence.
  • Undo (⌘ Z) : Reverts the last editing operation.
  • Redo (⌘⇧ Z) : Restores the previous editing operation that was just undone.
  • Zoom In (⌘1) : Zooms in
  • Zoom Out (⌘3) : Zooms out
  • Fit Selection (⌘E) : Zooms the selected area to fit the window.
  • Fit Project (⌘F) : Zooms in or out so that the entire audio of the project fits in the available horizontal track area.