Transitions - Premiere Pro

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In Premiere Pro you can quickly apply transitions between clips. For more detailed information read the Adobe Applying Transitions in Premiere Pro article.

Transitions Between Clips

To apply transitions between two clips the clips need to be on the same track with no space in between them.

Applying the Default Transition

  1. Right-click on the cut line between two clips
  2. Select Apply Default Transitions
  3. The Cross Dissolve transition will appear over the two clips
  4. Play to test the transition

Applying Other Transitions

Other transitions are available in the Effects window

  1. Open the Effects window. Window > Effects
  2. Expand the Video Transitions bin
  3. Find a transition
  4. Drag the transition to the cut line between two clips
  5. Play to test the transition

Modifying the Transition

  • Double click the transition to open the Set Transition Duration window
  • Select the transition and open the Effects Control window to adjust the transition