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Adobe has a variety of tutorials and videos for Premiere Pro. The Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial page has a series of tutorials organized in courses. Below are links to some useful tutorials.

Intro Videos

Premiere Pro Get Started Course

Import Media Course

Create beautiful visual composites course

  • Discover Compositing
    • Learn important concepts and features for compositing images
    • Includes sample files
  • Ultra Key
    • Chroma Key effect
    • Includes sample files
  • Precise clip masks
    • Use clip-based masks to constrain effects to image regions and to combine clips in a multi-layer sequence
    • Includes sample files
  • Add a Track Matte key
    • Use the Track Matte Key effect to automatically make areas of a clip transparent based on the contents of another clip
    • Includes sample files
  • Discover Blend Modes
    • Learn how to apply blend modes to superimpose clip layers in a sequence
    • Includes sample files

Other Topics