Ultra Key - Premiere Pro

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Adding Ultra Key

  1. Put the "green screen clip" on video track 2
  2. Put the background clip on video track 1
  3. Add Ultra Key to the "green screen clip"
  4. Select the "green screen clip" and go to Effect Controls
  5. Click the Eyedropper and hold the command key.
  6. Click the color to key out with average lighting.
  7. Set the Setting to Aggressive

Adjusting Settings

  1. Set output to Alpha Channel to view the mask.
  2. Under Matte Generation adjust the Pedestal
  3. Under Matte Cleanup adjust Choke and Soften
  4. Set output back to Composite to view the effect.

Adding Masks

  1. Add a mask to the Opacity of the keyed clip
  2. Adjust the size of the mask
  3. Adjust the Mask Feather to have a smother transition.