Voicemail Tips

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Please see the official Telecommunications website for complete instructions.

Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

On Faculty and staff phones

  • Push the Message button (on a black phone) or dial 6480 from an almond phone to access the voicemail system.
  • Press 2 to hear a message
  • and 76 to delete it
  • Press 4 to back up one message in the queue, and 6 to skip forward one message. Tapping 1 will skip back in a long message you're listening to; 3 skips forward.
  • There's voice help which you can get by dialing *

You probably want to put a personal hello message on your voice mail. To deal with your greetings you press 82. Press 1 for your external greeting and 2 for the internal one At that point you can listen to a greeting by pressing 2; re-record it by pressing 5, talking, and pressing # when you've finished; and erase it with 76. (It plays the external greeting for everybody if you don't record an internal one.)

Brief instructions about holding calls, forwarding, conference calls and other fancy stuff are on pages 2-3 of the little campus phone booklet. The complete manual for the voice mail system and lots of other information about setting up telephone message distribution lists and so on is at http://www.evergreen.edu/telecom/voicemail.htm