Voicemail Tips

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For Off-Campus Access to Voicemail call:

Olympia Voicemail Access (360) 867-6480

Tacoma Voicemail Access (253) 680-3080

Voicemail Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

On Faculty and staff phones

  • Push the Message button (on a black phone) or dial 6480 from an almond phone to access the voicemail system.
  • After entering your Security Pin
  • Press 2 to hear a message
  • and 76 to delete it
  • Press 4 to back up one message in the queue, and 6 to skip forward one message. Tapping 1 will skip back 5 seconds and tapping 3 skips forward 5 seconds.
  • There are recorded instructions for each sub-menu by pressing *.

You should record a personal greeting to your voice mail. To manage your greetings you press 80, then press 4 for your Standard Greeting or press 6 for your Out of Office greeting. At that point you can listen to a greeting by pressing 2; re-record it by pressing 5, talking, and pressing # when you've finished; and erase it with 76.