Working between Keynote and Powerpoint

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Powerpoint is installed on all of the Windows and Macintosh machines in the computer center. Another presentation software, Keynote, is installed on all of the Macintosh machines in the center. Both of these programs are easy to use and make excellent slideshows. It can be useful to transition between these two programs.

Powerpoint to Keynote

If you have a Powerpoint presentation that you would like to modify in Keynote, most .ppt files can be opened directly with Keynote, automatically converting them in the process. You can do this on a Macintosh computer by choosing Keynote from the "Open With..." menu on a Powerpoint file, or by selecting a Powerpoint file from the File > Open... dialog.

Keynote to Powerpoint

If you have a Keynote presentation that you need to run on a Windows computer, this can also be easily done. You can simply export the file as a .ppt (Powerpoint Presentation) from the File menu and choosing the Export button.

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