Writing an Evaluation of Faculty

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The new evaluation system allows you to complete your evaluations and submit them online.

  • To access the evaluation system, login at my.evergreen.edu and click on "Evaluations"
  • Choose the program or course in question
  • Select "Evaluation of Faculty" from the tab interface
  • Depending upon the requirements of your program, you may need to write an evaluation for one or more of the faculty teaching your program
  • Click "Generate" under the name of the faculty in question to begin writing their evaluation
  • To submit your evaluation of faculty click on "Turn In"
  • You are presented with options for how your Evaluation is shared. You may immediately share your evaluation of your faculty or you may elect to hold the evaluation of your faculty until after you have received credit for the course or program.
  • If you elect to hold your evaluation until after credit has been awarded, your faculty will only be notified that their evaluation has been completed, but will not be able to read the document until after credit has posted.
  • Select the privacy option you wish to use and then click Turn In

Video: Submitting Evaluations of Faculty