Zeiss Microscope-1 Information Table

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Information Table
Table List Table Value
Instrument_CommonName Zeiss Microscope
Instrument_Name Zeiss Universal Compound Microscope
Instrument_Picture Picture
Instrument_Manufacturer Zeiss
Instrument_Model Universal Compound Microscope
Instrument_Serial#  ?
Instrument_Asset_Tag 827194
Instrument_TurnKeySolution No
Instrument_Roaming No
Instrument_Building Lab I
Instrument_Floor 0
Instrument_Room 061A
Instrument_Acquisition_Date  ?
Computer_Hostname SC-Zeiss-1
Computer_IP DHCP
Computer_MAC 00-16-76-9D-CF-7C
Computer_Make Gateway
Computer_Model E4500S
Computer_Serial# 0036910905
Computer_Asset_Tag EME2585
Computer_OS Windows
Computer_OS_Version 7 {6.1.7601}
Computer_RAM 2 GB
Computer_HD 150 GB
Software_Vendor Nikon
Software_Product_Name ViewNX2
Software_Product_Version 2.7.4 (64 bit)
Software_Last_Updated 3/2013

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