APS VariZoom Dolly Track Proficiency Test

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Answers may be found in APS VariZoom Dolly Track Operating Guide. Complete this written portion and bring it with you to your scheduled operational proficiency. Call 867-6253 if you have any questions.

Written Test:

  1. What are some precautions when using the VariZoom Dolly Track?
  2. If the width of the track is slightly off the for the dolly, what should you do?
  3. If the tripod doesn't fit in the dolly, what should you do?
  4. What does adding a sandbag between the tripod legs do?
  5. Pushing the dolly-tripod from a lower point decreases the likelihood of what?
  6. What track pieces are connected with the 2 crossmember pieces?
  7. If you check out this kit and it is lost, stolen or damaged, who is 100% responsible for the replacement costs of it?

Operational Test:

  • Identify all equipment included in the VariZoom Dolly Track kit.
  • Demonstrate setting up the track.
  • Demonstrate setting up the dolly.
  • Demonstrate attaching the tripod to the dolly.
  • Demonstrate operating the dolly.
  • Demonstrate putting away the kit.