Astronomy and Cosmology - Create Screenshots and Screencasts and add to Slide-Based Presentation

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Through this workshop we will learn

  • How to create screenshots (image files) and screencasts (video recordings) of a computer screen
  • How to add/embed image and video files into a slide-based presentation

Includes an overview of the different methods available depending on what application and/or operating system one is using.

How to Take Screenshots

Stellarium: Screenshot (Mac or Windows)

  • To save what is on the screen, press control+s.
  • Screenshots are taken in .png format, and have filenames like: stellarium-000.png, stellariuim-001.png (which can be edited)
  • Stellarium saves screenshots in different directories depending in your system type. For example, on a Mac, screenshots may save to your default Pictures folder.

Mac OS X: Screenshot

  • To take a picture of the entire screen: Press command+shift+3
  • To select an area/portion of the screen: Press command+shift+4, produces a crosshair, then draw a box around the area you would like a screenshot of.
  • To select a single window: Use command+shift+4 then press the spacebar - after the crosshair turns into a camera icon, click on the window you would like a screenshot of.

NOTE: Mac’s default location for saving screenshot files is the Desktop.

Windows: Screenshot

How to Record a Screencast (Video)

Using QuickTime (Mac or Windows)

Quicktime is a built-in application in Mac OS X and is available as a free download for Windows users.

  • Go to File, select New Screen Recording
  • If you would like to include an audio component, select a microphone from the record window by clicking on the small arrow at right for a list of options
  • Click the red button to start recording video.
  • You can stop the recording using either of these methods:
    • click the stop button in the Mac menu bar, upper right
    • press command+control+escape at same time

NOTE: On Mac, the video file will save to the default Movies folder.