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If you get a password from Andrea Coker-Anderson, the Registrar ( you can login to the faculty information section of the Banner system at You have to choose a term and a course number at the top of your menu to start - then you can see various information about the students registered in your class and on your wait list, enter overrides for the registration limits you've set up to do things like allow a sophomore into your Junior/Senior program, etc.

There are buttons on these pages to send e-mail to an individual student and (at the very bottom) to the whole class. If you create an e-mail to the whole list with this button, it puts the addresses into the BCC: line to send each student a blind carbon copy, which doesn’t show any other addresses, in case some students have said they want their information kept confidential. You put your own address in the To: line, and then each student will get a copy of the message, but it will not show any other addresses but yours. Unfortunately, that also means students can’t send messages to everybody in a program by hitting Reply All with a message like this. (Your other option, which is more trouble but solves these problems, is setting up a listserv list.)

The Custom Class List and Custom Class Waitlist items on your Banner web menu produce tables with the information from the registration database in the order you select - in particular you can get just student names and/or the email addresses they gave Banner as their preferred email when they registered. (The college also gives each student an account, and has been trying to get students to use them, but only about 20% of the students ever look at those.) You can select, copy and paste your tables of names and/or emails into Word or Excel to get started making class lists, etc.

Sidenote for Excel users - (If you know a little about Excel, or email me for more details, you can use a word processor to replace some commas or spaces in what you get from Banner with tabs, then import that tabbed file into Excel and use a formula to get the last names in front of the first names, etc....)

If you ask Lorri Moore ( to set it up for you, Banner also lets you check the current state of your program budget.


1. You must have a student's A........ number to enter an override yourself. (It looks as if you can also do a search by name, but at this point the name search is limited to students who are already registered in your program.)