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  [[File:FireFoxPWB.png ]]
  [[File:FireFoxPWB.png ]]
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::'''Chrome Clear Saved Passwords'''
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:::From within Chrome, Click on the more actions icon  [[File:ChromeMOIcon.png]] and choose Settings
  [[File:ChromeMOPage.png ]]
:::Click on Settings
:::Choose Advanced down arrow and then Passwords and forms
:::Across from Manage Passwords click the arrow
:::Choose Remove on all Evergreen passwords

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Learn how to easily change your password.

Alert: Faculty and Staff passwords are set to expire every six months. Change your password before it expires and you become locked out of your account

Changing Your Password

To change your password:

  1. Login to my.evergreen.edu
  2. Click on Profile link in the upper right corner
  3. Choose Edit Password link. If profile link in step 2 is not available you can go to: https://my.evergreen.edu/myaccounts/changepassword
  4. Enter your current password
  5. Type in the new password in the box below following the minimum requirements listed. Repeat the new password in the second password box
  6. Click the Change Password button

Note for laptop users: PC Laptop users that are off campus will need to use the OLD  password to log into their laptops UNTIL they return to campus with the laptop. At this point the laptop will check in with the servers and get the new password. Mac user’s computer passwords are not tied to the Evergreen domain password. Mac LAPTOP passwords are not required to change.

Update Your Password on All of Your Devices

click Expand for detailed steps
Windows Clear Saved Passwords
Click on the Windows 10 start icon Win10Start.png or Windows 7 start icon Win7Start.png
Start typing “Credential”
And as you type Credential Manager will populate under best match.
Click on “Credential Manager”
In Credential Manager expand the password box by clicking the arrow
Click “Remove” on all evergreen.edu passwords.
You need to look under the Web Credentials and the Windows Credentials for these saved passwords.
Mac Clear Saved Passwords
Click on the spotlight search icon MacSpotlightIcon.png and type the word keychain in the search box
Select Keychain Access
From the Keychain application click on the Passwords Icon MacKeychainPWIcon.png located in the left hand column.
The saved passwords will be listed.
Control + Click on each password with evergreen.edu listed and choose Delete


FireFox Clear Saved Passwords
Click on the Browser menu and choose Preferences
Choose Privacy & Security
Click Saved Logins….
Find the saved evergreen.edu passwords and click Remove Or you can click Remove All to get rid of all saved passwords.
Chrome Clear Saved Passwords
From within Chrome, Click on the more actions icon ChromeMOIcon.png and choose Settings
Click on Settings
Choose Advanced down arrow and then Passwords and forms
Across from Manage Passwords click the arrow
Choose Remove on all Evergreen passwords
Mobile Phone Clear Saved Passwords
Put phone in Airplane mode
Click on Mail App
Find evergreen.edu email account
Delete Account or Remove Account
Re-Add Account with new password.
  • If you have your Evergreen password saved on any device (such as a smartphone, tablet or home computer) be sure to update the password on those devices.
  • The old password can cause you to get locked out of your account.
    • Example: if you check your email on your phone and don’t have to type in your password each time you have a saved password. The phone will keep trying the old saved password and after 5 failed attempts your account will be locked for 5 minutes as a security measure before it lets you try again.
  • If you need additional assistance please contact the faculty and staff helpdesk at 360 867-6627 or email at support@evergreen.edu