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The MML has a variety of books, cables and peripherals available for use within the lab.


After Effects

After Effects 6.5


Get Animated!

Color Correction

Color: Correcting and Grading in Final Cut Pro Color Correction for Digital Video Encyclopedia of Color Correction: Field Techniques using Final Cut Pro


Compressor 3.5

Compressor 3 Quick Reference Guide

Digital Performer

Digital Performer 7: Getting Started

Digital Performer 7: User Guide

Producing Music with Digital Performer

DVD Creation

DVD Studio Pro 3

DVD Design Workshop

DVD Demystified: Second Edition

Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Pro 7: Professional Video Editing Sound Editing in FCP7 and Soundtrack Pro 3


Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max


Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Studio 2

Motion 4: Designing and Animating Motion Graphics in Final Cut Studio


Photoshop CS

Photoshop CS3 Bible


Quicktime Pro Quick Reference Guide

Soundtrack Pro

Sound Editing in Final Cut 7 & Soundtrack Pro 3


We have a variety of cables:

Firewire 4-6

Firewire 6-6

Firewire 9-9

Headphone Splitters



Various video cables

Various audio cables



External Drives

Blu-ray Burner

There is one firewire Blu-ray burner for use within the Multimedia Lab.

Firewire Drives

We have a few portable hard drives for temporary file storage and transferring in the lab.

Input Devices

Drawing Tablets

We have one large and one small Wacom drawing tablet available for checkout.

To use the tablet: Plug into the computer's USB port. The computer should automatically detect it.

Magic Trackpads

Apple's new Magic Trackpad is a multitouch trackpad designed to work with Mac desktop computers. For more information please visit Apple's Magic Trackpad Website.

These Trackpads can be used as an alternative to the mouse or for Max/MSP.

MIDI Controllers

We have multiple Midi controllers for use in the lab. The controllers connect to the computer with USB cables and are automatically recognized by any application which supports MIDI. Remember that these Midi controllers are simply controllers for Midi-compatible software/devices and don't actually have sounds stored inside them.

Media Equipment


Each station is equipped with a pair of headphones. When using two headphones at a station, also check out a headphone splitter.

VHS Decks

We have VHS decks for checkout and some of the stations have them already hooked up.


There are two Epson scanners on carts that can be used with any computer in the lab.