Computer Labs and Classrooms

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The Computer Center

Located in the main campus Library building on the second floor, the Academic Computing Center provides computer access for all students, staff and faculty. Within the Center reside 4 computer classrooms plus a large commons area with specialty equipment. The Computer Center website has additional information.

The Digital Imaging Studio

Located in the main campus Library building on the first floor, room 1303, the Digital Imaging Studio is a PC-based computer lab that features 12 workstations and a number of high resolution flatbed and film scanners. This space is supported by lab aides for consultation and technical support. The DIS is the primary place for high-quality image editing and printing. Space is available to any one who schedules it.

Scientific Computing (The CAL)

Located on the Main campus in the Lab II building on the first floor. Focuses on providing support for students enrolled in Scientific Inquiry and Environmental Science Programs.

Advanced Computing Classroom (ACC)

Located in the Computer Center, the ACC is a Linux-based classroom focusing primarily on computer programming applications. To access the lab, you must e-mail the Linux Administrator and request access. If your program uses Linux, then your faculty will reserve the space for you.

2D/3D Animation Labs

Located in the Library and Communications Buildings there are currently two 2D animation labs, and one 3D lab, all Macintosh based machines. These labs are available to all students once proficient to complete academic work. Contact animation staff for a proficiency via the website.

The Multimedia Lab

Located in the Library building on the first floor, room 1404. This Mac-based computer lab is available to all students to complete academic work on a variety of projects ranging from video editing, audio multi-tracking, graphics, animation, and more. Student lab aides are available for technical support and consultation.

Music Technology Labs

Located in the Communications building this area features four music technology labs. These Mac-based production spaces contain a variety of synthesizers, electronic recording devices, and array of software for producing and editing audio based projects. Access is available to students enrolled in music technology courses or with individual contracts and proficiencies.

The Language Lab

The language lab is a center for language study, conversation groups, and interaction with all those interested in languages (students, staff, faculty). Computers are available for individual language study, each equipped with headphones and a mic so that speaking aloud is possible and placed in carrels for privacy. The space is multipurpose and serves individuals wanting to learn a language or maintain proficiency in a language as well as academic programs and courses in which language study is required. The lab also serves as a lounge for all those interested in languages so that they can study, network, or converse. See the Language Lab's website.